Showtime was developed in conjunction with the 

    Hamilton Pastoral and Agricultural Society to

    streamline management of the annual 

    Sheepvention event which sees over 

    25,000 attendees each year

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Andrew Branch 192531

Competitions are managed end to end across all subjects and breeds (including multiple classes), assigning winners and runner-ups, manages advertising costs, pass allocation and can automate production of all results for media release

Duplicate last year’s program to auto-create all Events, Site Allocations and Competitions 

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Showtime automatically prepares letters with the click of a button. Production of AGM notices, membership applications, life member letters, media releases, annual programs (and more) has never been so easy, leaving more time to focus on improving your show

Site Management is included so all gates, sites and exhibition areas can be mapped to your website, allowing online exhibitor applications

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