Logicoal is a software package that is structured around coal production, sales, logistics and exports. It is a base platform that can be customised to suit each individual company needs and particular requirements.

Logicoal Lenovo

The Product

Logicoal is focused on automating data calculation and storage, overseeing and streamlining repetitive and complex tasks, but most importantly it is a tool to reduce errors and to add repetitive precision to each operational task. Logicoal manages every aspect of the commodity business whether it is allocating tonnage to shipments, producing laytime statements, managing hedge positions, managing risk or balancing the creditors and debtors. Logicoal manages your everyday routines and allows senior management to review each and every transaction on a live operational basis, including profit and loss calculation.

Logicoal will pay for itself within a short period, one entry one time, no repetitive entry of data, staff time saving, error prevention and shipment reliability.