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Labour, Equipment, Safety, Invoice and Payroll Management System

A complete management system for mining, mining support, engineering and trades operations. The system can handle complex payroll scenarios that other accounting packages only dream of.

Some functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Payroll, including annual, sick and compensation leave
  • Employee training, qualifications, OH&S and certificate updates
  • Tracking and scheduling of employee inductions
  • Invoicing of sites and jobs, including hourly labour hire, labour travel, installed items/fixed price, client delays, equipment hire and labour safety report
  • Calculation of hourly hire and fixed price rates for all equipment, items and labour
  • Employee work efficiencies
  • Incident reports and WorkCover claims
  • Automatic invoice calculations – determines any inclusions not yet invoiced and attaches these to the corresponding invoice
  • Stores scanned copies of original documents for correlation of information entered to reduce error
  • Simple one step process to export to accounting packages, such as Xero and MYOB
  • Can operate in a mixed Mac and Windows operating system environment
  • Automated emails to management for employees training requiring renewal or that have expired, control documents due for renewal or that have expired

The BOS, like all our software, can be fully customised to your specific needs.Please contact us for further detail and demonstration.

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Building Certifier

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Go Assess

Mobile-first solution for completion of service-based reports

Go Assess was designed with field service workers in mind and ensures accurate, complete reports get to your clients on time with ease. Daily task lists, job correspondence history, touch-based checklists and attaching photos are all included.

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A software package that is structured around coal production, sales, logistics and exports

Logicoal is a base platform that can be customised to suit each individual company’s needs and particular requirements. Focused on automating data calculation and storage, overseeing and streamlining repetitive and complex tasks, Logicoal most importantly is a tool to reduce errors and add repetitive precision to each operational task.

Logicoal manages every aspect of the commodity business whether it is allocating tonnage to shipments, producing laytime statements, managing hedge positions, managing risk or balancing the creditors and debtors. Logicoal manages your everyday routines and allows senior management to review each and every transaction on a live operational basis, including profit and loss calculation.

Logicoal will pay for itself within a short period, one entry one time, no repetitive entry of data, staff time saving, error prevention and shipment reliability.

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Complete show and competition management solution

Showtime is a one-stop solution for the management of regional and agricultural shows. Complete program, event, site booking and competition management is included and can be automated based on the previous years’ show.

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